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PANSKURA R.S.                                                                                                                                   

PURBA MEDINIPUR                                                                                                                   

WEST BENGAL 721152                                                                                                              

Commercial activities:-
1.Production of biological and organic inputs suited to the spirit and trend of the modern Agriculture.
2.Marketing of products through 3 tire network.

Societal activities through Kiran Foundation:-
1.Kiran Karmasanchar Prakalpa
Self-employment and wealth generation for rural people by converting unutilized rural biodegradable waste like cow dung, the unlimited source and evenly distributed on earth to cowdung compost, utilized as raw material for our production.
2.Kiran Tailabiz sanrakshan prakalpa
The company developed a process for preservation of oilseeds for 9-12 months in metal bin in collaboration with Save Grain Campaign under Dept. of Food, GOI and IIT, Kharagpur without any damage. By application of this technique the farmers can save their grain from damage and rural unemployed youth can self-employed by this project.
3.Kiran suddha paribesh prakalpa
The company is trying to motivate farmers to cultivate Neem Tree of the 21st Century and Mango the fruit of calorie for common people.
Company is trying to organize organic rain water mixed farming through co-operative of farmers.