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Organic Farming

Growing health consciousness in terms of food quality, taste, safety and concern for upkeep of environmental quality have resulted wide spread of organic movement globally with large demand of organic food products. Hence, use of bio-organic inputs in farming system would have great impact in maintaining soil fertility and soil health factors for sustainable agriculture, increase income of farmers, increase employment and save fertilizer subsidy. Farming supported by bio-organic inputs comprising of low cost, sustainable and environment friendly from technologies that would help to boost the confidence and self-reliance of farmers.

There are three types of macro nutrient N.P.K. and three types of resources of nutrient for plant viz. Biological, Organic and Synthetic are equally important in respect of application.
3=2+1 means N.P.K. =Biological & Organic (natural source) + Synthetic

In different research projects(Jaipal July 2011) it has proved that crop productivity is increasing by balanced use of Biological, Organic and Synthetic. Our research project at BCKV and IIT on paddy also proved the truth.