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WEST BENGAL 721152                                                                                                              

Completed Projects of research:
1. Isolation of nitrogen fixing bacteria (Azotobacter chroorcoccum).
2. Isolation of phosphate solubilizing bacteria Bacillus polymyxa working in pH 5.5.
3. Isolation of Bacillus subtilis.
4. Use of gamma radiation sterilized cowdung compost as  alternative carrier of Bio-fertilizer.
5. Issolation of Azospirillum lipoferum.
6. Isolation of Azospirillum brasilens.

7. Evaluation of agricultural application efficiency of biological strains isolated and developed in MSV biotechnology R&D laboratory (BSID).

8. Isolation & identification of Pseudomonas sp. for degradation of chromium.

9. Isolation and identification of PSB effective in soil pH 3-4.

10.Organic nano-composites sterilization for strain delivery: Increasing crop yield and controlling pest and disease.

Ongoing Projects of research:
Organic farming for food security: Isolation, Identification and characterization of agriculturally effective microorganisms in selected zones of West Bengal.

2. Evaluation of the efficiency of bio-fertilizer (Carbo) and organic manure (Kiran) in rice-potato-mung cropping system in New Alluvial and Red and Laterite soil zone of West Bengal.

3. Kiran Karma Sanchar Prakalpa.

4. Importance of Organic Fertilizer for pH balance, EC, nutrient availability & crops productivity of soil.