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· Resettlement and Rehabilitation:
The only solution for maintain and restore the fertility of the soil which has become unfertile due to excessive or improper use of the chemical fertilizers is application of bio and organic fertilizers. The main advantages of organic and bio fertilizers in comparison to synthetic fertilizers are:
▪ Organic fertilizers provide readily available plant nutrients in a concentrated form and don’t have any significant effect on the physical properties of the soil.
▪ Play an important role in improvement of physical, physico-chemical and biological soil properties
▪ Products obtained by organic farming are free from residual effects, healthier for human and animal consumption and safe for health.
▪ Organic fertilizers maintain the fertility of the soil and continuous use of chemical fertilizer may cause of unproductivity of soil.
▪ Organic farming is not only expected to increase the income of the farmers but also helps in moving towards sustainable agriculture and environmentally friendly and healthy food